Evan Shinners debuts @bach in New York and LA

Preconceptions of how Bach should be played fly out the window with @bach, the debut release from the wildly talented pianist and 2010 Juilliard graduate Evan Shinners. The compilation of two live, unedited performances recorded at Juilliard and Rockefeller University last spring bursts with raw musicality, spontaneous and calculated virtuosity, and an ebullient energy. Shinners, who connects with today’s audiences in a way that has seldom been seen for a classical artist, will perform in December in New York (Rockwood Music Hall, December 7) and Los Angeles (The Mint, December 20). Find out why Time Out New York called him “a bona fide Bach star” and  The New York Times  declared, “Evan Shinners attacked the score with a bravura that might have pleased Liszt.”



  1. I love Evan Shinners… he is the most creative and talented musician. I wish he would go on tour so I can see/hear him live again!

  2. I really love this guy! We first saw him in New York City; he brings energy, passion and a wonderful connection to his audience, rarely found with classical musicians. He’s powerful!

  3. Evan Shinners is amazing! He is revamping the world of classical music. Anyone who says they are not into Classical music will be after they watch/hear him play. He’s not just a performer… he’s an entertainer!

  4. Every time I listen to one of his recordings, I end up thinking: ” I only wish Bach could hear what can be built on the background he provided. I think he would applaud, laughing.”

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